7 Tenets of an Effective Leadership Training Program

How many forgettable leadership programs have you attended?  I’d venture more than one, and each time we always ask ourselves as HR professionals and senior leaders, “Why did we do this?” as we put the glossy notebooks with colored tabs on the shelf – never to be opened again.

With all this scar tissue, we have a tough choice:

  • Keep looking for an effective program; or
  • Give up and try to grow leaders on our own.

The former choice has some risk, but the latter is almost impossible for most of us….there are simply too many other tasks we must do, and we only have so much bandwidth.

So what’s the answer to finding the right leadership program fit?  Here are the seven tenets to look for to insure you get a leadership partner who will bring real value to your team, and help grow leaders who get it.



If you’ll frame your leadership program around these 7 tenets, you’ll have real outcomes across your KPIs.  Let me know if Level Five can help you on the journey.  Please send me a note or call me at 585-797-8554 for a no obligation consultation.

Click here to download The Seven Tenets of an Effective Leadership Training Program in .pdf format.