Customized Leader Development Programs that Transform Organizations

Most of us have been through “forgettable” leadership development programs — mundane training experiences where the content is typically standardized, the material is neither utilized nor retained beyond the first week or two, and the outcomes are disappointing.

At Level Five Associates we take a much different approach: Every program we deliver for you is customized to meet your company’s unique requirements. This protocol allows us to help you build a successful leadership team for your specific company at every level of management within your organization.

Based on a proven, interactive workshop model, our Big Six® leadership workshops are immersive, half-day sessions for small groups of leaders, conducted in intervals of your choosing; and they yield immediate results. The workshops are based on The Big Six Leadership Principles®, which are:


Set the Azimuth – Decide on the direction of your organization, and the path you plan to take.

Listen – Effective listening is a prerequisite to establishing a high-performing culture defined by empowerment and initiative.

Trust and Empower – Team members in a high-performing business want to be challenged, trusted, and treated with dignity and respect.

Do the Right Thing When No One is Looking – It is essential that everybody is focused on doing the right thing the right way — rather than choosing an easier or faster shortcut.

When in Charge, Take Charge – Great leaders, and by extension, great teams, have a “bias for action.” A good leader confronts the facts head-on.

Balance the Personal and Professional – Productivity isn’t necessarily determined by the number of hours you work, but rather what you do with your time.

three levels of learning

Our programs focus on these key leadership levels:

  • Level 1: Frontline Level Leadership – Leaders responsible for leading individuals and/or teams

  • Level 2: Intermediate (Organizational) Level Leadership – Leaders who lead other leaders and teams

  • Level 3: Executive Level Leadership – Leaders who lead and influence others and who are responsible for guiding the enterprise

Here are some examples of the key questions we’ll help your leaders answer through the course of each leadership development program:

Level 1: Frontline Leadership

What is leadership, and what do leaders do that’s different from what followers do?

What is values-based leadership?

How do I employ The Big Six Leadership Principles® to embody the credo of “Be-Know-Do” (from the Army’s primary leadership development program)?

How do I best serve those I lead and make sure the job gets done, every day?
What is performance assessment, developmental counseling, and how do I have tough conversations with my team members when necessary?

Level 2: Intermediate/ Organizational Level Leadership

How do I grow leaders and assess both their performance and potential?

How do I apply The Big Six Leadership Principles® to develop leaders who ‘get it’ and produce results?

What methods of empowerment work best to grow the best and brightest and how can I use those methods to identify those who can perform better than me?

What are the key elements of high performing teams, and how do I develop these qualities in my leaders?

What are the critical aspects of effective time ownership, and how do I employ them?

Level 3: Executive Level Leadership

Who is my primary group at this stage of my leadership journey?  Why is the focus on the enterprise so important?

What are the 8 characteristics of executive-level leadership?  How do I bring them to life?

How do I apply The Big Six® at my level to develop measurable outcomes in a strategic planning process?

How do I develop the potential for executive leadership across my direct reports?

What are the key elements of cross-functional teams, and how do I employ them successfully?

Each program consists of a series of 7 half-day workshops for each level and is 4 hours in duration, consisting of both presentation and small group interaction using case studies, workbooks, and guided discussion as the learning vehicles, with key questions for the groups to address.

More importantly, each program will be specifically tailored to the audience, your company’s needs, and to your objectives for building leaders who are ready for positions involving more senior levels of responsibility in your organization and your culture.


The results and benefits of the Level Five comprehensive leadership development program quickly become evident:

Your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) will improve quickly and significantly as your leaders embark on the Level Five leadership journey.

Profitability, safety, compliance, quality, retention, and customer service are just a few of the vital areas where your company will see measurable outcomes right away.

The programs are adaptable and flexible along the way to accommodate your company’s evolving needs, ensuring the input from each leadership group becomes part of the ongoing curriculum.

Further, you can expect our continued, ongoing interaction with each group between workshops. Think of us as a resource available to you throughout the program’s entirety, fully responsive when issues arise within your organization. Additionally, each leader will build their own Personal Leadership Guide, which becomes their leadership diary throughout the rest of their careers. This powerful guide will serve as a library of their learning experiences, commitments to themselves and those they support, and a journaling resource.

Each workshop series is followed by a focused sustainment program, built around the specific skills your leadership teams identify for further development.

Leadership is a continuous journey, and we’ll help you begin that journey – and sustain it for the long haul.  Unlike the prescribed leadership training programs you may have tried in the past, the Level Five leadership development programs are enduring; they “stick” forever.

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