All too often, a collection of world class individuals performs poorly when put together in teams.  The reason?  They don’t understand how to develop and employ team performance skills.

Our team development seminars are based on proven techniques to build and sustain high performing organizations where the outcome is greater than the sum of its members. The Level Five Associates team collaborates to provide the best solutions for you. We pride ourselves on treating each other with dignity and respect, learning  from our mistakes, sharing information, and striving to continually get better.Peters quote Leaders

Based on a series of highly focused interviews, we’ll build your team development program to specifically grow the performance metrics you’re looking for.  Typically, we’ll conduct team development sessions as a group on a monthly or quarterly basis over the course of 6-18 months – to nurture and sustain the tools the team develops.

Level Five Associates team development programs are not “cookie-cutter” content; rather, they are carefully tailored to the skills you’re seeking to grow your culture to a new level of excellence.

We will adapt as your team progresses through the team development program, so if there are specific topics that emerge in your company or organization, we’ll incorporate them into the current plan.  Our approach is to partner with you – this relationship will be far more than your company simply being “just a client.”

The journey to grow a culture of excellence takes time and persistence.  It takes teams of dedicated, selfless professionals who are committed to the company in a personal, genuine way.

Our Level Five Associates Team Development Program will make a huge difference in your top line, and your bottom line…..with measurable results.

“The instructors are amazing, inspirational people that are able to commonly related their experiences with what we face and truly care about people bettering themselves. Length of the program was optimal but maybe could have been just 1 day longer…Thank You!”

“By far this is the best training I have ever had, and in my career I had a lot….good job and thank you very much.”

“This was by far the best Training I’ve ever been involved with in my 34 year career. All of the speakers and facilitators were exceptional. General Mixon was amazing.”

“The program was very powerful as a tool to help us rethink our roles as leaders and the trainers were exceptional advisors.”