Facilitated Strategic Planning to Create Alignment

When everyone is on the same page, great things happen in your company. And when great things happen in your company, people are happy, they become more productive, and in all likelihood, your company becomes more profitable.

Level Five’s facilitated strategic planning sessions focus the energy of your people around your culture – the ecosystem of your company. The process outlined in the best-selling book, Cows in the Living Room: Developing an Effective Strategic Plan and Sustaining It, will set you apart in your industry.

Companies that conduct deliberate, outcomes-based strategic planning are universally more profitable than those that don’t. We’ll help you design, implement, and sustain your strategic planning process using tested and proven techniques that we’ve employed repeatedly with significantly positive, measurable results.

What Makes the Level Five Strategic Planning Process So Effective?

First, we get you focused on setting a clearly-defined azimuth for your organization. Together, we’ll establish your mission, intent (the end state, key tasks to get there, and the “why” for each), values, and culture.

Next, we facilitate the tough conversations, such as: “What are our priorities among the key tasks?” “How will we resource these priorities?” “Who will lead the Integrated Process Teams we set up to accomplish these key tasks?” Answering these tough questions puts metrics in place for the key tasks to be accomplished (versus just saying “We’re going to get them done.”)

Then, we’ll help you develop and implement a management process to bring the strategy to life.

The Level Five Strategic Planning System goes far beyond a 1-2-day planning session. It continues with iterative, outcomes-based azimuth checks to ensure your company stays the course.

Strategic planning is a journey with a defined destination – and we’ll stay with you to help ensure you get there. The alignment you create within your company and throughout your team will grow your culture to a new level of excellence.

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