Case Studies

A key factor in determining where you’re going as an organization is knowing where you are – as a leader, as a team, and as a member of that organization.

Check out the case studies below for just a small example of the progress companies are making when working with Level Five Associates.


Many of Level Five Associates’ 20+ clients are senior executives who originally did not have regular access to a trusted advisor. Most had not been using a business coach, and overall, it had been several years since many of these executives had last used a coach. In this case study, read how Level Five Associates was able to assist with the establishment of aspirational goals for these executives and their journeys to reach them.

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A mid-size service provider in the transportation industry was seeking a viable succession plan for their CEO. Their C-suite had a specific CEO designee in mind, but stakeholders would have to support the selection and subsequent transition for it to be truly successful.

Read how Level Five Associates was able to help this company develop and formalize a Succession Planning Strategy Roadmap that provided them with alignment and clarity of what success would look like and how to get there.

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