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Is Effective Leadership Inborn or Learned?

Why do Some Teams Create Repeated Successes While Others Fail?

How do Some People Overcome Obstacles When Others Settle for Mediocrity?

Level Five Associates developed its values-based leadership skills began with a career in the Army. When he retired from service, Major General Robert W. Mixon, Jr. took the insights he gained from commanding combat divisions and applied them to the corporate world.  What he discovered surprised him: the “leadership laboratory” of military service developed the insights, discipline, and vision necessary to transform capable people into unsurpassed business leaders.

As his business ventures thrived, he became determined to help others create lasting excellence in leadership. Mixon created Level Five Associates, a leadership consulting firm that helps companies apply The Big Six Leadership Principles® that result in “Level Five Executives,” as described in James C. Collins’ book Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap… and Others Don’t.

Level Five Associates has grown into a team of dedicated, passionate consultants with differing backgrounds but a united mission of empowering positive change in corporate cultures. Together, they have taken businesses from the brink of disaster to success and taught successful companies how to achieve lasting greatness.

Partnering with Level Five Associates is like having your own “Leadership Board of Advisors.” Each Level Five team member has the vision and experience to teach the kind of leadership that inspires, rather than requires, excellence; the team draws from experience, helping companies and organizations manage change, grow profits, and build high-performing cultures characterized by Empowerment, Decentralization, and Initiative.

Level Five Associates shows organizations how to drive results and turn team members into extraordinary leaders and actual stakeholders who embrace their company and perform their responsibilities as though they were the company’s owners themselves.  Their keynote addresses, workshops, and executive coaching sessions are becoming sought-after tools used by business people who seek to rise to a higher level of functioning in their work—and throughout their lives.

In 2014, along with his friend (ret) Major General John Batiste, Mixon published the well-reviewed book Cows in the Living Room: Developing an Effective Strategic Plan and Sustaining it, which guides teams of all sizes as they develop their own strategic plans.

The Level Five event was a great learning experience with real world applications. I believe in learning from those individuals who have lived through and can expertly share their life lessons. I highly recommend Robert Mixon and Level Five Associates.

Experience is a prerequisite to progress! Nearly nine years ago I experienced progress as a friend of MG Robert Mixon. He led me to join the volunteer corps at Ft Carson, Co. His guidance and leadership led me to become a Good Neighbor at the Fort. Additionally, his abilities created a friendship for the post and the City of Pueblo which continues to thrive and grow. Prior to his command this condition did not exist.

Thank you for sharing your experiences, your time AND your leadership insight. I recognize that you could do anything with your time but choose to use it to inspire the hidden leader in all of us. I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to have met you and I’m especially grateful for your candid conversation.

I find Level Five Associates highly beneficial professionally. In addition, the Cox MBA students evaluate their learning experience including benefits relevant and successful.

Level 5’s Big 6 and Azimuth training created long lasting, meaningful, positive change in my organization. Robert Mixon resonates and connects with all levels of leadership and my staff.