Practical Leadership Tools

Using our proven Big Six Leadership Principles®, you’ll effect real, immediate change, building a “Leadership Toolbox” full of tested and proven methods to grow your leadership capabilities and mentor others. The results? Higher retention, better team satisfaction, higher productivity, more profitability – and a culture your competition can’t touch!

Here are some of the tools and techniques you’ll master by using The Big Six®:

Set the Azimuth – Great leaders provide clarity and repeat themselves often. You’ll learn how to clarify your mission, establish the leader’s intent with the end statepurpose, and key tasks for your team and organization, capture your values and define your culture.

Listen – World-class leaders treat their teammates with dignity and respect, listen actively and with empathy. They’ll take action on their teammates’ input. You’ll get the tools and training to listen more effectively, starting right away. 

Trust and Empower – Great leaders build more leaders by encouraging initiative because empowered teams achieve spectacular results. Your Level Five Leader’s Tool Box contains proven, useful techniques for creating a culture of trust. 

Do the Right Thing When No One is Looking – Regardless of the circumstances, the best leaders always strive to do the ‘harder right’ rather than the ‘easier wrong.’ We’ll show you how to foster and encourage a climate of doing right. 

When in Charge, Take Charge – Great leaders, and by extension, great teams, have a “bias for action”. With options such as lead, follow or get out of the way becoming more the norm, it’s important you learn how to model leader behaviors and actions consistent with being in charge – to establish a true leadership presence. We’ll show you how. 

Balance the Personal and Professional – We are all complex leaders with full lives, but a leader without balance can destroy an organization. Together we will develop deliberate techniques you can use to create and sustain a balanced environment, taking more ownership of your time and your life.

I wish my entire team could have been here today…..the session gave me a lot of great takeways that are pertinent to a smaller area of the organization, the larger organization itself, and my personal family (I’m thinking about teaching my kids The Big 6 Leadership Principles®).

Fantastic leadership class. Very practical.

The instructor was very engaging, kept things moving. Provided real-life takeaways.

Robert did an excellent job of simplifying ideas and kept everyone engaged in conversation. The tools can be put into action easily.

The application of The Big Six Leadership Principles® through the breakout sessions and the real-life information provided by General Mixon were very valuable.

The workshops provide simple, clear thoughts, and values are the core of how to make it all work.

The workshop helped remind me that in empowering my team, I’m creating an engine for success. Great experience and perspective from Robert to drive the lessons home.

Leader role — to learn how not to do everything myself, to delegate, give responsibilities to others. Train people for my position, become a better listener. Trust and respect the people you work with…

This workshop really opened my eyes as to the differences between just being a boss and becoming an effective leader.

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