Are you a good listener?

Have you ever worked for a boss who was a not a good listener? Did he or she have all the answers and for whatever reasons, didn’t solicit your ideas and feedback? Did you feel disrespected? In this toxic environment, were you empowered and encouraged to exercise initiative? Did you feel compelled to do whatever … Read more

Developing Level Five Leaders

A great book to appreciate the definition of a Level Five leader is Jim Collins’ “Good to Great”.  According to Jim Collins, a Level Five leader “builds enduring greatness through a paradoxical blend of personal humility and professional will”.  Chapter 2 of “Good to Great” describes in plain language the traits and characteristics of a … Read more

Balance the Personal and Professional

Productivity isn’t necessarily determined by the number of hours you work, but rather what you do with your time. Level Five leaders are experts at time management. That’s how they find time to balance the personal and professional. By being able to “create time” through good time management, they can support their families and friends, … Read more

When in Charge, Take Charge

Initiative is all-important. A hierarchical organization with diffused accountability and a lack of initiative is little more than a house of cards. Leaders can’t be afraid to take charge. Mistakes will come with the territory. The important thing is pulling together the right people for your team and creating a “bias for action” within your … Read more

Do the Right Thing When No One is Looking

Integrity is non-negotiable. No matter what industry you’re in, no matter what role your team members have, it’s essential that everybody is focused on doing the right thing – rather than choosing an easier or faster shortcut – especially in the absence of supervision. This same rule applies to you and other leaders of your … Read more

Trust and Empower

Team members in a high performing business want to be challenged, trusted, and treated with dignity and respect. It all boils down to building the right culture where folks are empowered to do what they do best without being micro-managed. Beware the urge to micromanage. There’s a significant difference between leading and micromanaging; that difference … Read more