The Opportunity Ahead of Us

Opportunity can be everywhere, even in the most unexpected places – and even in uncertain and difficult times.

A few months ago, I spoke with David Meltzer, David A. Moreno Jr, and Mike Mumola. They are all unique and interesting thinkers in the world of leadership coaching and development.

One key question covered in our discussion was: “Where do you think opportunity resides for us as leaders post-COVID?” Now, none of us can know for sure when we will truly be “post-COVID,” but as leaders, there is always an importance to keeping an open mind and seeing where opportunity might live. It can take us to areas of growth we might never had thought possible. The Opportunity Ahead of Us

Here’s a transcript of our conversation:

Robert Mixon:

I’d like to ask for your thoughts on where you think opportunity resides for us as leaders. Where is that opportunity ahead of us? Many people wring their hands about the conditions we’re in, about the hybrid world of leaderships and operations. And I’d like to know where you see opportunity.

David A. Moreno, Jr.
Partner: Litigation & Arbitration Group at Brown Rudnick LLP

I think there’s a lot of opportunities to do online courses and online leadership coaching post-COVID. I think there’s a lot. It also makes the world a lot smaller. There are companies abroad and in other places that are looking for talented leaders that can help guide them and bring a different perspective, and historically we didn’t have those opportunities. So I think a lot of online ‘virtual appearances’ in leadership is one trend that I think will continue longstanding, because it’s also a lot cheaper.

Mike Mumola
Serial Entrepreneur, Co-Host BloombergTV/AmazonPrime

So I think as cliche as it sounds, opportunity is really everywhere, and like Dave said, a lot with technology now. It’s just about us taking advantage of those opportunities as they come by each day, whereas a lot of people don’t because they’re too busy or distracted or otherwise.

David Meltzer
Co-Founder of Sports 1 Marketing | Consultant & Business Coach

For me, I have five daily practices myself that I take to do an inventory of myself, because what I want to do to is maximize the opportunity. So if opportunities are everywhere, we want to maximize the opportunities that we’re most aligned with. And so I think as leaders and as people — because everyone’s a leader within their own context – we have to look within, take inventory of our skills, our knowledge of who and what, and our desire, and see what’s doing well today and align it with what’s doing well… or align it with our values, personal, experiential, giving, and receiving values, to see how we can maximize our skills or capabilities that are aligned with what’s doing well, what’s stable.

So many people are looking outside of us for what is inside of us. So many people are attaching their emotions to an outcome instead of to the consistent, persistent pursuit of their potential. And I think it’s really important, and you raise this with your book, what do we do now? We look within. We look within to the only thing we have control of. We have control of our mindset, our heart-set, and what we think, say, do, believe, understanding our capabilities.

You were born a leader, and what happens is we suppress that a lot of times, right? People will tell you, “Be quiet, do this.” Well, we have to align it with our quantum being, besides what we think, say, do, and believe, with the great potential that we’re born with. Some are scientists, some are musicians, some are athletes… some are teachers, some are mentors, some are coaches. Whatever it is, I think it’s so important. You’re not going to find outside of you what your quantum nature is, what your potential is.

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