Opportunity is Calling – Answer or Let it go to Voicemail?

The holiday season invariably leads to all kinds of resolutions for the coming year: lead a healthier lifestyle, go to church more often, spend money more wisely, lose weight and get in better shape, be a better parent, listen more to your partner/spouse, take some golf lessons, call Mom more often, etc., etc. If you’re like most of us, these resolutions decay as the New Year moves on, and after a couple of months we don’t even remember what we resolved to do. No surprise, then, that the resolutions never happen. For this New Year, we recommend taking a new approach.

Changing Places

Why change? If you consider that 50% of Fortune 500 companies of thirty years ago no longer exist today, the answer seems obvious. Yet, many company owners and senior executives shudder at the thought…because change is messy, hard, and difficult. According to the Harvard Business Review, 75% of corporate change initiatives fail. Business Week cites the fact that 88% of CEOs report change is their “biggest challenge.”

Turning the Battleship conference After Action Review

Thank you to all who attended our first workshop, “Turning the Battleship”, recently. We’re already looking forward to our next. That workshop will focus on the 2nd of The Big Six Leadership Principles®: Listening. Our Listening workshop is scheduled for 4 March 2015. We’ll be sending out more information on that as it’s finalized. So … Read more