Join us for the next leadership workshop focused on “when in charge, take charge!”

Learn what it means to take charge and arm your leadership team with the skills they need to take your business to the next level with a culture of performance. Bring your management team to the workshop to get the most out of the experience. Our combination of collaborative case study discussions and Level Five expertise will educate your team and provide techniques and process that can be implemented in your business immediately.

Turning the Battleship conference After Action Review

Thank you to all who attended our first workshop, “Turning the Battleship”, recently. We’re already looking forward to our next. That workshop will focus on the 2nd of The Big Six Leadership Principles®: Listening. Our Listening workshop is scheduled for 4 March 2015. We’ll be sending out more information on that as it’s finalized. So … Read more

When in Charge, Take Charge

Initiative is all-important. A hierarchical organization with diffused accountability and a lack of initiative is little more than a house of cards. Leaders can’t be afraid to take charge. Mistakes will come with the territory. The important thing is pulling together the right people for your team and creating a “bias for action” within your … Read more