keynote addresses

Our keynotes and leadership workshops are characterized by humor, vignettes, and energy which will inspire your entire team to action.  Here’s a sample of what others have said about the value of our keynote addresses and workshop presentations: “I think it was an awesome presentation.  You are fun to watch!”  “Very informative, interesting, and educational.  … Read more

Practical Leadership Tools

We give you practical leadership tools to effect real, immediate change.  We’ll help you build your “leadership toolbox” full of proven methods to grow your leadership capabilities and mentor others.  The results?  Higher retention, better team satisfaction, higher productivity, more profitability – and a culture your competition can’t touch. Here’s what some of our clients … Read more

Facilitated Strategic Planning Sessions

Facilitating strategic planning to improve organizational alignment, focus, and clarity – When everyone is on the same page, great things happen in your company.  We help you focus the energy of your people around your mission, the leader’s intent, your shared values, and your culture.  Our strategic planning process outlined in the best-selling book, Cows … Read more

Tailored Executive Coaching

We’ve led groups from 20 to over 20,000, so we know what works.  Few leaders have the benefit of over 40 years of progressive leader development, but we do, and we’ll provide that to you as an individual, or in teams in a highly focused executive coaching program.  We’ll help you assess your strengths and … Read more

Customized Leader Development Programs

Our Level Five leader development programs are a game changer. We can help you build a world class leadership team, at every level.  Our Big Six® leadership workshops are immersive, full day experiences for leadership teams, conducted in intervals of your choosing, and yield immediate results in performance.  Key performance indicators will change rapidly, with … Read more