Connecting the Dots: Balance = Exceeding Strategic Goals

As we’ve said before, companies that invest in their leaders are consistently more profitable than those that don’t. So if that’s the case then where should your investment go? One of the key goals you should establish is to attain higher levels of work/life balance across your leadership and those they lead.

How do you grow both sales and harvest more money between the top and bottom lines? The key is productivity — and a team with balance is going to be far more productive than one without. Everyone in a balanced organization is more likely to “act like an owner.”

Is your company struggling with employee retention? Are your best team members flourishing or are their gazes turned to greener pastures? Do you have your finger on what motivates your team members, or do you worry about poachers? Do your team members fully buy into and support your company values and culture?

The troubling issues mentioned above are some of the most critical challenges that keep leaders up at night. To finally assemble a winning team, only to lose team members to the competition can devastate a company. Perhaps your team members can relate.

The best companies to work for have figured out how to “live in integrity” with their stated values and cultures. These companies appreciate that an arbitrary work/life balance goal is artificial and unattainable. Rather, successful leaders strive to be intentional about their company’s values and culture, including setting the standard. This role-modeling and consistency is really important in the hard work to achieve balance. To the extent that team members are involved in the process to define values and culture, and better yet, contribute to defining what really matters, balance will become a strength of your team.

Studies show that team members, to include Millennials, expect their leaders to put balance at the top of their priority list. Do you plan to keep your team motivated and performing at a high level well into the future? If so, you’ll need to meet these expectations.

But what exactly is balance? How do you define it? Is it part of your company culture? Most importantly, how do you achieve it and maintain a strong culture with a high achieving team?

Join us on March 23 at Nazareth College for our Open Workshop to tackle this challenging topic. You will leave with a broadened understanding of balance and practical tools for you and your team. You do not want to miss this! We look forward to seeing you!