What’s Happening to Us? | Part 3: What Does Work-Life Balance Mean Now?

This is the latest entry in a series of blogs based off the latest Level Five Associates book, The Power of Being All In. What Does Work-Life Balance Mean Now? The events of the past few years have transformed our workforce and our workplaces.  As described in The Power of Being All In, our workforce … Read more

Take More Ownership of Time

Having trouble finding time? In 2016, a weekends-off initiative was unveiled at J.P. Morgan called “Pencils Down.” The media was quick to highlight the move by the financial giant as a radical step: “The initiative…is unusual in a high-powered corner of Wall Street where 100-hour weeks are considered by some as a badge of honor … Read more

The Three Perspectives of “You”

Consider your role and how others see you. In doing so, you will discover the three perspectives of “You”. You’ll find, too, that these three perspectives of “You” are directly involved in your ability to manage and lead.   In the following video, I discuss these three Yous, and how each perspective may help, harm, … Read more

Balancing Act: Balancing the Personal and the Professional

“Balancing the Personal and Professional” is one of The Big Six Leadership Principles®, but what does that really mean? Healthy cultures are cultures where people understand the importance of living according to their values. If you map out what you do during the course of a day or week and compare it to your personal … Read more

The Rise of Digital Wellness

Some alarming information, according to an article University of Washington Student Life posted in February 2022, “Digital Wellness 101: Taking Control of Your Life Online” ¹ : An increasing amount of Facebook use among first-year college students has been associated with higher levels of loneliness. With 90% of college-aged students comparing themselves with peers within … Read more

‘Battle Buddies’ – Balance In Practice: Adaptive Leadership, Part 8

This is the eighth in a series of blogs on adaptive leadership. In our previous blog in this series, I talked a bit about the idea of having “battle buddies” … peers who have a check-in system with each other. It can foster a greater sense of team work, and act as a sort of … Read more