‘Battle Buddies’ – Balance In Practice: Adaptive Leadership, Part 8

This is the eighth in a series of blogs on adaptive leadership. In our previous blog in this series, I talked a bit about the idea of having “battle buddies” … peers who have a check-in system with each other. It can foster a greater sense of team work, and act as a sort of … Read more

Recharge The Batteries: Adaptive Leadership, Part 7

“Recharge The Batteries — Balance”: this is the seventh in a series of blogs on adaptive leadership. It is my belief that foundational leadership principles give leaders the ability to build teams capable of handling whatever might come their way. This series is based around what we at Level Five Associates have as one of … Read more

The Thin Ice of Friendship: Leadership Journey of Discovery, Part 4

Moving up the ladder of an organization can sometimes feel like you’re leaving others behind, especially if you’ve grown to become friends with your team members. If you are now in a leadership position over former equals, how do you remain objective? How do you avoid moving too far out on the “thin ice of … Read more

The Three Perspectives of “You” – Leadership Journey of Discovery, Part 3

Consider your role and how others see you. In doing so, you will discover the three perspectives of “You”. You’ll find, too, that these three perspectives of “You” are directly involved in your ability to manage and lead. In the following video, I discuss these three Yous, and how each perspective may help, harm, and/or … Read more