Excellent Executive Coaching

A few weeks ago, I was a guest on ‘Excellent Executive Coaching,’ a podcast hosted by Dr. Katrina Burrus. Dr. Burrus is a leadership coach and has spent years analyzing the essentials: what makes leaders succeed — or fail.

Let’s dive in a bit to some of what we discussed:

  • Differences between military values and private-sector values.
    • the need to turn a profit creates behavior that isn’t always admirable!
    • what to do instead: create a work culture with caring people. That is an organization that will attract talent, and profit will follow from there.
  • The Big 6 Leadership Principles® are a basis to grow a better work culture.
  • Values are the cornerstone of behavior.
    • but, it is important to remember: values are brought to life through behavior.
    • having a values-based work culture helps ensure that positive behaviors become the norm.
  • Leadership coaching workshops.
    • reverse planning: starting with the goal in mind, and working backwards to build a plan.
      • feel free to contact us to learn more about our leadership coaching.


excellent executive coachingYou can listen to the full episode here:

This episode is also available on the Excellent Executive Coaching podcast website.

Enjoy the journey!

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