Ending the Curse of Bad Meetings

How many of us have endured bad meetings?  How many still do?  The fact is, most of us fall into both categories.  We’ve grown up with bad meetings, and now we perpetuate them on others as sort of a leadership punishment mandate – whereby we feel a perverse obligation to make our team suffer as … Read more

Practical Leadership Tools

Practical Leadership Tools Using our proven Big Six Leadership Principles®, you’ll effect real, immediate change, building a “Leadership Toolbox” full of tested and proven methods to grow your leadership capabilities and mentor others. The results? Higher retention, better team satisfaction, higher productivity, more profitability – and a culture your competition can’t touch! Here are some … Read more

Customized Leader Development Programs

Customized Leader Development Programs that Transform Organizations Most of us have been through “forgettable” leadership development programs — mundane training experiences where the content is typically standardized, the material is neither utilized nor retained beyond the first week or two, and the outcomes are disappointing. At Level Five Associates we take a much different approach: Every program … Read more

The Balancing Act: Manage Time Well

How well do you and your team spend their TIME?  Do you strike the right balance? How well does your team manage time? In our “Turning the Battleship” leadership workshop at Nazareth College on 19 November 2014, several attendees asked us, “How do you follow the sixth of The Big Six Leadership Principles®, ‘Balance the … Read more

Keynote Addresses

Keynote Addresses   It’s a proven fact that inspired teams and leaders achieve outstanding results. Our 60-90 minute keynotes are characterized by humor, vignettes, and energy that will inspire your entire team to action. Having led teams ranging in size from 20 to over 20,000, Major General (retired) Robert Mixon has more than four decades … Read more

The Big 6 Leadership Principles®

The Big 6 Leadership Principles® Level Five Associates developed The Big 6 Leadership Principles® back in 2009 when the company was first formed. The Big 6 came as a result of some intense conversations about what leadership lessons they had learned through the course of their lives– most of them the hard way. In other … Read more