Taking Ownership Of Your Time

How are you doing in the time management department? I often hear from organizations that I’m coaching that they “just don’t have good time management.” This might sound like a common problem. However, these teams are operating under something of a misconception. The truth is, there really is no such thing as time management, which … Read more

Finding Time

Having trouble finding time? In early 2016, a new weekends-off initiative was unveiled at J.P. Morgan called “Pencils Down.” The media was quick to highlight the move by the financial giant as a radical step: “The initiative…is unusual in a high-powered corner of Wall Street where 100-hour weeks are considered by some as a badge … Read more

The Balancing Act: Manage Time Well

How well do you and your team spend their TIME?  Do you strike the right balance? How well does your team manage time? In our “Turning the Battleship” leadership workshop at Nazareth College on 19 November 2014, several attendees asked us, “How do you follow the sixth of The Big Six Leadership Principles®, ‘Balance the … Read more

Killing Time Bandits

We can’t count the number of times a CEO has told us, “I’d implement a leadership development program and deliberate strategic planning system to provide focus, but I don’t have time…I’m too busy with daily crisis.”

But the truth is you can’t afford NOT to develop these foundational building blocks of a high performing culture. If you can’t figure out how to do it, your competition certainly will. In our world where business is all about change, culture trumps everything else. So what’s the answer?

The Balancing Act

It’s not about the number of hours you work, it’s about what you do with your time. Level Five leaders are experts at time management. That’s how they find time to support their families and friends, find time to exercise to stay in shape, pursue hobbies, enjoy vacations, support their communities, and at the same time, grow their business.

Balance the Personal and Professional

Productivity isn’t necessarily determined by the number of hours you work, but rather what you do with your time. Level Five leaders are experts at time management. That’s how they find time to balance the personal and professional. By being able to “create time” through good time management, they can support their families and friends, … Read more