What Is A “Level 5” Culture?

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By now, you’ve seen the term Level 5 used a lot around here. It’s even in our name!

You might be wondering what we mean by Level 5. Here’s some explanation.

Over the course of four decades, I’ve been exposed to each of the five levels of culture described below. For brevity’s sake, I’ve given each one a descriptor which highlights its key characteristic. Which level is your company culture at?

Level 1: The “Nametag” culture:  This ecosystem is a loose confederation of self-centered individuals, who act in their own personal interests.

Level 2: The “Follower” culture: This environment is one where there are few leaders and many followers, and only those with tangible ownership are vested in the welfare of the company.

Level 3: The “Points of Light” culture: This culture is characterized by a few individuals who are personally aligned with the values of the organization; however, most are just doing a job and performing the associated tasks with that job.

Level 4: The “Coalition of the Willing” culture: The coalition culture has a large population of those who want the organization to be successful, and align their personal goals and aspirations with those of the company.

And finally,

Level 5: The “We’re All In” culture: This is the culture of excellence, characterized by fully committed team members who see their personal success and fulfillment in the achievement of the organization’s goals and objectives.

A Level 5 culture is what empowers both individuals and their organizations as well. Paychecks and awards are not enough to create the kind of high-performing culture that leads naturally to success. For too many companies, a sluggish business-as-usual atmosphere blocks true growth and transformation.

As a leader, focus on creating a Level 5 culture in your organization.  Think about what you could start on, right now, that could begin to improve your organization.

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