Balancing Act: Balancing the Personal and the Professional

“Balancing the Personal and Professional” is one of The Big Six Leadership Principles®, but what does that really mean? Healthy cultures are cultures where people understand the importance of living according to their values. If you map out what you do during the course of a day or week and compare it to your personal … Read more

Disciplined Leadership: Low-Value Meetings Vs High-Value Meetings

This is part of a series of blogs on the theme of ‘Disciplined Leadership.’ Low-Value Meetings are caused by people not valuing one another’s time. These meetings are also indicators of a number of negative factors in your current culture. People often believe that if they can get everybody together in some forum at the … Read more

What A Great Culture Looks Like

I didn’t always understand what a great culture looks like. In fact, as a young West Point cadet and later as an Army officer, I only had a vague notion of what a culture was at all. We had a set way of doing things, to be sure, but it was pretty much taken for … Read more

Two Ways To Keep Momentum Going Towards Level 5

What are the most effective tools in your toolbox for establishing, nurturing, and leading your company culture to grow into a ‘Level 5’ culture? Here are two proven methods (in detail) that you can start using right away to maintain the momentum going towards that ultimate goal: 1) Develop an Integrated Process Team and Charter … Read more

The Resiliency of A Level 5 Culture

Culture—the way people think, behave, and work in an organization—is difficult to control. Thankfully, that’s not what our model asks of leaders. Leaders of an “All In” culture seek to influence culture versus controlling it. Because we humans are complex animals, developing (and maintaining) a culture of excellence is time-consuming, challenging work. Leadership is the … Read more

Leaders Grow Leaders

Leaders grow leaders. They celebrate the successes of those they serve. This concept of servant leadership is at the heart of a Level 5 “All In” culture. Here’s what noted author Ken Blanchard says about the importance of servant leadership to the development of that world-class culture: When I mention servant leadership to many organizational … Read more