What’s Happening To Us? | Part 2: Leading Through The Fog Of Uncertainty

This is the second entry in a series of blogs based off the latest Level Five Associates book, The Power of Being All In.

Using The Azimuth To Lead The Way Through The “Fog” Of Uncertainty

Theorist Carl von Clausewitz aptly paraphrased it as “The Fog of War” … but even outside the battlefield, the tremendous impact of a host of dramatic changes over the past few years has made it much more difficult for leaders to sort through the “fog” of uncertainty that has followed.

“Social media is alive with rumors, accusations, and diatribe and is a powerful shaper of public opinion.  There are literally hundreds of social media platforms today serving billions of active users daily, and many are replete with misinformation.”

The Power of Being All In, page 10

What we are seeing unfold here is the everyday challenge of determining what the truth is, both for ourselves and for those around us who expect to be led and otherwise influenced by knowledgeable leaders. Using The Azimuth To Lead The Way Through The "Fog" Of Uncertainty

To be sure, the fog is thick, and it doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon.

Throughout the course of war, social unrest, COVID, and political division which dominate our information environment today, people expect us to be the calm in the chaos – yet that is easier said than done.  How do we cope with this chaos?

First, we must establish and nurture a healthy culture, the ecosystem we live in based on commitment to a common purpose.  We have to collectively build our Azimuth: our Mission, Intent, Values, and Cultural Behaviors that we expect everyone to live by.  This azimuth-setting is the cornerstone of creating alignment.

Mr. Dave Pinder, President of Cardinal Insulated Glass expressed the importance of this fundamental requirement when I interviewed him in the book, saying:

“We’ve performed quite well considering these most unusual circumstances.  Establishing our company vision, mission, intent, culture and values….has been invaluable.  My plant managers and I meet annually to review/validate these as well as our strategic plan.”

There are a host of other elements that comprise the culture of commitment, but it’s clear that first among equals is establishing your “True North” by setting your Azimuth.  In many ways, this process creates a climate of trust in the team by giving everyone a central focus in the midst of so much uncertainty and misinformation.  We need this focus in our lives to have purpose.

In upcoming blog entries, the plan is to examine the impacts of constant change on our workforce and our workplace environment.  And as we better understand these dynamics, we’ll be better equipped as leaders to navigate the “fog” we may face.

Enjoy the journey!

This blog post is based on the book, “The Power of Being All In.” Download the first chapter for free at this link. Or, if you’d like to purchase the entire book (available in paperback and audio), it is available on Amazon.

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