Podcast Episode 9: An Interview With Dana Mehnert of L3Harris

In this episode, I interview Dana Mehnert, president of Communications Systems for L3Harris. We discuss the importance of setting an Azimuth aimed towards success, how to develop potential leaders, what makes for a world-class culture, and more! Don’t miss this episode — it’s a good one jam packed with info and ideas for stellar leading! … Read more

Special Edition Podcast: Adaptive Leadership Skills for the Current World We’re In

Here we are, in the midst of historic disruptions and changes to the way we work and live – on a local, regional, national, and even international scale…..who would have envisioned this turn of events only a couple of months ago? Our challenge now as leaders is to adapt and lead our teams and organizations … Read more

Podcast Episode 7: Taking Charge – An Interview With Lauren Dixon of Dixon Schwabl Advertising

In the latest episode of our podcast, we interview Lauren Dixon of Dixon Schwabl Advertising. The theme of our conversation is one of our Big Six Leadership Principles® — “When In Charge, Take Charge.” Along with that concept, we discuss making team members feel valued, personal accountability, when managers can become leaders, the importance of … Read more

Podcast Episode 6: A Culture of “Right” — An Interview with Bill Higgs of Mustang Engineering

In this episode, Robert Mixon interviews Bill Higgs of Mustang Engineering. Bill shares his experiences in growing a business, and the “growing pains” that can come with that. Robert and Bill discuss how having a strong organizational culture, where “doing the right thing” is the norm, can get you through those tough times. Bill’s stories … Read more

Podcast Episode 5: A Culture of Trust – An Interview With David Pinder of Cardinal Glass Industries

In this episode, Robert Mixon interviews David Pinder, President at Cardinal IG, about the key values that instill trust into an organization. They discuss how trust can be applied in day-to-day operations, the old axiom “Trust But Verify,” how to handle giving bad news, four steps on how to build trust into the heart of … Read more