Podcast Episode 5: A Culture of Trust – An Interview With David Pinder of Cardinal Glass Industries

In this episode, Robert Mixon interviews David Pinder, President at Cardinal IG, about the key values that instill trust into an organization. They discuss how trust can be applied in day-to-day operations, the old axiom “Trust But Verify,” how to handle giving bad news, four steps on how to build trust into the heart of … Read more

Podcast Episode 4: Leadership Strategies – An Interview with Sankar Sewnauth of CDS Life Transitions

In this episode, I interview Sankar Sewnauth, the President and CEO of CDS Life Transitions. Serving throughout the Western New York region, CDS Life Transitions is a mission-driven, diverse family of companies focused on helping individuals with physical and intellectual challenges realize their dreams and lead successful lives. We discuss how to overcome the difficulties … Read more

Podcast Episode 3: How a Leader Should Listen – Interview with Bill Carpenter, CEO of the Rochester Genessee Regional Transportation Authority

In this episode, Robert Mixon interviews Bill Carpenter, CEO of the Rochester Genessee Regional Transportation Authority, on one of the most important Big Six® principles — Listening. In an environment where listening is subordinated to talking, initiative is stifled. The best leaders and teams know how to listen and to understand, more than just to be … Read more

Podcast Episode 2: Set Your Azimuth

Where is your azimuth? Have you set one for your company or organization? In Episode 2 of Robert’s leadership podcast, he dives into the importance of defining your azimuth. After all, an effective leader must define the direction for his or her organization.