The latest Level Five Associates book is available now!

In case you missed the news… Here it is!

The latest Level Five Associates book, “The Power of Being All In,” is now available!

My own copy of the paperback arrived not too long ago… watch the video below for more:

It is exciting just to be able to author another book like this and have so many smart people help me.

You know, this book was a personal labor of love. But in many ways, it was also a collective effort… because we had over a dozen executives of different professions who joined me in conversation about the “power of being all in” and why transformative times demand transformational leadership.

The results of those conversations can be found in the book.

We are in transformative times and we need desperately to have transformational leadership. I hope my book can be a spark of inspiration for you and your team.

If you would like to get a copy of the book for yourself, follow this link:

(If for some reason that link does not work, you can just look it up directly by going to Amazon and searching “The Power of Being All In by Robert Mixon.“)

Thank you for being so supportive, and enjoy the journey!

If there’s anyone you know who might be interested in picking up the book, please feel free to pass this news along to them!