The Road to Adaptive Leadership Starts Here

My latest book, “The Power of Being All In,” is now available! One of the key aspects covered is Adaptive leadership … the skill set of taking leadership principles and applying them to the world that we’re in now, not the world that we used to be in. That’s what this new book is about. … Read more

The Practical Tools You’ll Find in The Power of Being All In

The tools that are in “The Power of Being All In,” are comprehensive. These tools cover a wide range of capabilities.   First is setting your Azimuth — your direction, your true north in yourself and in your team … with your mission, your intent, your values, and your culture. The second tool is built … Read more

What Does “The Power of Being All In” Bring to the Table?

For those who have read “We’re All In,” which I released in 2017, my new book, “The Power of Being All In,” is a much more in-depth look at the qualities of adaptive leadership. I explain in the video below:   The Power of Being All In includes conversations detailing the experiences of 14 other … Read more

The Case for “Status Intelligence”

In a recent edition of The Wall Street Journal, Professors Gavin Kilduff and Tessa West of NYU suggest there is a different skill in team interaction than previous researchers have found, which they call “status intelligence” [1] –– the ability to read status hierarchies within a team. They separate it from other skills, such as … Read more

Take More Ownership of Time

Having trouble finding time? In 2016, a weekends-off initiative was unveiled at J.P. Morgan called “Pencils Down.” The media was quick to highlight the move by the financial giant as a radical step: “The initiative…is unusual in a high-powered corner of Wall Street where 100-hour weeks are considered by some as a badge of honor … Read more