The Practical Tools You’ll Find in “The Power of Being All In”

The tools that are in “The Power of Being All In,” are comprehensive. These tools cover a wide range of capabilities.


First is setting your Azimuth — your direction, your true north in yourself and in your team … with your mission, your intent, your values, and your culture.

The second tool is built around listening — like the old adage that my mom told me dozens of times, “God gave you two ears and one mouth for a reason.” And now (more than ever) is the time we have to apply those listening skills in a very deliberate way.

Next, is trust and empowerment. How do you trust? How do you build that trust? And then, how do you translate it into empowerment? So that your team members, whether they are in a hybrid (remote/in-person) environment, a live environment, or a virtual environment… how do you apply that trust & empowerment so that your men and women feel as though they belong?

Fourth, is “doing the right thing when no one’s looking.” It’s hard to do the right thing when no one’s looking, but you can do it, and these tools will help you do it.

Fifth is “when in charge, take charge.” It’s not just being loud and boisterous about everything. It’s being the calm in the chaos. It’s being in the moment.

Sixth, is balance. It’s not just about balancing time. Balance is about energy. We have to avoid this concept of thinking we can do ‘time management.’ We really can’t manage time. Time is finite. We need to balance our energy. There are four levels of energy: physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental… we can balance them with practical tools and steps to make ourselves healthier in those four ‘battery levels’ and to help others sustain healthier levels of energy.

So, these are some of the tools that can be found in the book, among others. They are practical, proven tools.

I hope you can use the tools, strategies, and stories of personal experience in the book as the starting point for the next phase of a leadership journey for you and your team.

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Thank you for your support, and enjoy the journey!


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