Mosaic Team, Part 2: “Care and Feeding”

This is part of our series of blogs on the “Mosaic Team” concept. “What does a gardener do?  I don’t think a gardener grows anything.  Only plants can do that, but gardeners are not unimportant.  They prepare the ground, they plant, they water, they weed, they feed they protect, and then they harvest.” – General … Read more

The Future of Leadership, Part 6: Maturity

This is part of an ongoing series about the future of leadership. “Age is a very high price to pay for maturity.” – Tom Stoppard Future leaders will have to become mature sooner than later.  Why?  Because they will be incredibly transparent.  Just think about the impact of social media today.  I think many of … Read more

The Future of Leadership, Part 5: AI – Curse or Blessing?

This is part of a series about where the future of leadership may be heading. In the past year, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has come into its own, and now we’re racing at breakneck speed to determine what purposes it might serve. This has enormous potential impacts for the future of leadership. “…as with all new … Read more

CEO Sales Strategies Podcast

A few weeks back, I was pleased to be a guest on Doug Brown’s “CEO Sales Strategies Podcast.” Here’s some of what we discussed: The Three Perspectives of “You” The ‘three you’s’ — There’s the ‘you’ that you think you are. There’s the ‘you’ that others think you are and there’s the real ‘you.’ To … Read more

The Future of Leadership, Part 4: Bringing People Together

This is part four of a series about the future of leadership. “I have a different vision of leadership. A leader is someone who brings people together.”–  George W. Bush In our increasingly virtual world, the future of leadership will be even more challenging than it is today. Simply put, we’re going to have to … Read more