Mosaic Team, Part 3: Making ‘Modeling Curiosity’ The Norm

This is part of our series of blogs on the “Mosaic Team” concept. “Live as if you were to die tomorrow; learn as if you were to live forever.” – Gandhi Carol Dweck, a professor at Stanford University, is widely recognized as the developer of the “growth mindset” based upon the belief that people can … Read more

Mosaic Team, Part 2: “Care and Feeding”

This is part of our series of blogs on the “Mosaic Team” concept. “What does a gardener do?  I don’t think a gardener grows anything.  Only plants can do that, but gardeners are not unimportant.  They prepare the ground, they plant, they water, they weed, they feed they protect, and then they harvest.” – General … Read more

The Case for “Status Intelligence”

In a recent edition of The Wall Street Journal, Professors Gavin Kilduff and Tessa West of NYU suggest there is a different skill in team interaction than previous researchers have found, which they call “status intelligence” [1] –– the ability to read status hierarchies within a team. They separate it from other skills, such as … Read more

Podcast Episode 15: Jamara Wilson — Trust and Empower

The theme of this episode is “Trust and Empower, ” and my guest on this episode of our podcast is Jamara Wilson. We discuss building trust, the importance of authenticity and the human connection, the pursuit of excellence, and more! Jamara Wilson is the co-owner of Progressive Cleaning ( Jamara is a multifaceted and discerning … Read more

Focused Listening

Focused listening is a key component to being a Level Five leader. At today’s modern pace, often with the intention of multitasking, information can be lost. Conversations end up needing to be repeated. Meetings are held, but is everyone truly “present?” In a hybrid, remote/in-person world that many are now in, these issues can be … Read more