Effective Coaching: Two-Minute Leadership video blog

effective coaching leadershipCoaching can be defined as instructing or training another person or group of people.

All leaders have a responsibility to coach their team. How do you do so in a way that ensures growth and progress?

In this entry in my series of Two-Minute Leadership video blogs, the topic is “Effective Coaching,” and the answer is one-on-one sessions.

(Take two minutes to watch our video, then read on for more about effective coaching leadership.)

Rather than deal with the perceived intensity or stress of a one-on-one coaching session, we revert back to large meetings that generally do little to advance team goals.

What one-on-one sessions accomplish that a big meeting never can is that level of direct contact (the same thing that often makes leaders uncomfortable about holding them).

Here are the key strategies/goals of a one-on-one coaching session:

  • get direct contact (put aside distractions, emails, phone calls, etc.)
  • have an agenda of what topics to cover
  • listen carefully
  • ask questions
  • give feedback
    • both for what has already been done, and what your team member can do in the future


Why one-on-one sessions? It shows that as a leader, we have a personal concern for the development of every single one of our team members. That level of concern will be reflected back in the renewed effort your team members will put into their tasks.

Enjoy the journey!


based on material originally published 9/16/2017