Podcast Episode 15: Jamara Wilson — Trust and Empower

The latest episode of our podcast is available! Scroll down to access it right here, within this blog. The theme of this episode is “Trust and Empower, ” and my guest on this episode of our podcast is Jamara Wilson.

We discuss building trust, the importance of authenticity and the human connection, the pursuit of excellence, and more!

Jamara Wilson is the co-owner of Progressive Cleaning (https://progressiveclean.com/). Jamara is a multifaceted and discerning businesswoman, recognized for her leadership abilities and passion for evolution.

With over 19 years of experience, she has successfully participated in the research and program implementation of various for-profit, non-profit, and civic organizations on their operational agility.

Jamara supports and educates other business professionals in small business management, operational agility, and vendor relationships through consultations, published articles, success and accountability coaching, and public speaking. More info can be found on her personal website here: https://jamarawilson.com/

You can listen to our conversation below:

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