A Leader’s Successful Path to Excellence is Never Linear

Organizations and their leaders rarely take a linear path to excellence. Instead, the journey typically will have any number of curves, choke points, and dangerous intersections. As a leader, you must be adaptive to be successful, cutting new paths in order to bring the company back on course and aligned with the organization’s true mission … Read more

Growing Great Teams

Some thoughts on growing great teams and the leadership ideals that can inspire them: One person who embodies the leadership qualities of growing high performing teams that contribute to developing a Level 5 culture is General (retired) Colin Powell. I had the privilege to serve on his personal staff when he was the Chairman of … Read more

Leaders Vs. Teams

In my ongoing multiple series of blogs, I’ve described the importance of developing leaders in your organization, with the goal of reaching Level 5 leadership. However, there’s an important distinction between Level 5 leadership and a Level 5 culture. Just because you have a corps of strong individual leaders, it does not mean that they are … Read more

Mutual Accountability Leads to a Culture of Excellence

The development of strong mutual accountability is one of the most significant stages of the cultural development of an organization. Dave Logan, John King, and Halee Fischer-Wright describe the stages of accountability and explain how we, as people, are essentially tribal in their book, Tribal Leadership.  The authors developed the book as the result of … Read more