Getting the Right People in the Right Seat on the Right Bus

The topic of today’s Two-Minute Leadership Talk, is “Getting the Right People in the Right Seat on the Right Bus”. There is more to hiring than getting “the right people for the job.” When you are adding to your team, you want to make sure you are getting the right people for the right job. Have … Read more

Speaking Last

In this Two Minute Leadership Talk, I’ll discuss the ideal of “Speaking Last.” It’s about empowering those who work for you to create a “bottom-up” method of problem-solving, rather than the old-fashioned “top-down” style of leadership. This ties in with #3 of our Big Six Leadership Principles®: “Trust and Empower.” You may find your team … Read more


The topic of today’s Two-Minute Leadership Talk, our final video in The Big Six® series, is “Balance.” What do I mean by that? I’m talking about the balance between the two spheres of Personal and Professional life. It’s more than just balancing the personal and the professional, though: it’s about maintaining energy. In this video, … Read more

Listen: A Two Minute Leadership Talk

After you’ve set your organization’s goals, the next step is to listen. In this Two Minute Leadership Talk video blog, I’ll discuss in detail the steps your leadership needs to learn and demonstrate in listening. In becoming better listeners, you will create a good standard for your entire organization to follow. The above video, “Listen Two … Read more

Setting the Azimuth

What direction is your team heading? Do you know? What is your organization’s Azimuth? Just what exactly is an Azimuth, anyway? An Azimuth is the cardinal direction of your organization that focuses on your mission, intent, values, and culture. Learn more in this video: This is part of my series of Two-Minute Leadership video blogs. … Read more