Trust and Empower: Information Age Leadership, Part 6

This entry in my ongoing series of video blogs “Leadership in the Information Age,” is called “Trust and Empower.” Resist the temptation to shepherd a team leader too closely, though it may be difficult to “let go.” The key is to trust them to meet the goals you set and give them the power to … Read more

Finding Opportunity

In this Two-Minute Leadership Talk on “Finding Opportunity,” I talk about how to look, listen, and engage with the people on your team, and explore all your options so you can create opportunities for those you serve. As leaders, we should be building doors to explore opportunities, not waiting for opportunities to come to us. … Read more

Effective Coaching: A Two-Minute Leadership Talk

All leaders have a responsibility to coach their team. In this Two-Minute Leadership Talk on “Effective Coaching,” I discuss the most effective way to instruct and train others, which is through one-on-ones. To many leaders this is intimidating. If that applies to you, then watch as I talk about the tools of Effective Coaching: how … Read more

The Shadow Program

The topic of today’s Two-Minute Leadership Talk, is “The Shadow Program.” In this video, I’ll talk about the disconnect that can occur between the top and bottom of your organization, leading your team to feel that leadership might be out of touch. How to mend that disruption? The “Shadow Program” is a simple solution that lets team … Read more