Don’t Pardon the Interruption

Are you listening with the intent to understand — or the intent to interrupt? That’s the topic of my latest video blog: “Don’t Pardon the Interruption.” Of course, listening is one of the most vital skills to possess when in charge of a team. It is why listening is one of our Big Six Leadership … Read more

Special Edition Podcast: Adaptive Leadership Skills for the Current World We’re In

Here we are, in the midst of historic disruptions and changes to the way we work and live – on a local, regional, national, and even international scale…..who would have envisioned this turn of events only a couple of months ago? Our challenge now as leaders is to adapt and lead our teams and organizations … Read more

When In Charge, Take Charge — What That Means For Leaders

One of our Big Six Leadership Principles® is “When in charge, take charge.” How does that apply in day-to-day operations? It doesn’t mean you always need to be out front barking orders. Being in charge means accepting the responsibility entrusted to you and acting accordingly. In some cases, taking charge means empowering people. In others, … Read more

Speaking Last and the Nominative Group Technique

You may have encountered this situation before: you’re in a meeting, and the team leader seems to be using it as an opportunity to remind everyone who is running things, dominating the conversation and setting the agenda without any consultation. Maybe you haven’t been part of a situation quite as severe as that, but it … Read more

The Three Perspectives of “You” – Leadership Journey of Discovery, Part 3

Consider your role and how others see you. In doing so, you will discover the three perspectives of “You”. You’ll find, too, that these three perspectives of “You” are directly involved in your ability to manage and lead. In the following video, I discuss these three Yous, and how each perspective may help, harm, and/or … Read more