The Impact of the First Impression: Information Age Leadership, Part 12

Have you ever gone into an organization where that first impression was not very powerful? How did it affect you?

I think you’ll remember that it wasn’t a good feeling; and for many people on our teams, they start out in an organization with less than a wonderful first impression, and then we as leaders have to overcome it.

Rather than being in a position to have to overcome a bad first impression, which is very difficult, we should instead focus on that first impression being a good one with every person that comes on our team.

Watch this next two-minute Leadership in the Information Age video, entitled The Impact of the First Impression, and learn how a successful onboarding program delivered by the right people will make a difference:

When someone comes into our organization, that first impression is a key motivator for them in the way ahead. They’ll look past some things that aren’t perfect if they know in that first impression that we really do care about them, we’re glad to have them, and we’re genuinely proud to have them on our team. Doing this takes leader involvement and face to face engagement.

The impact of the first impression can loom large, long after that first encounter. Spend your time making new people feel as though they belong because when people belong, they achieve amazing things.

Enjoy the journey!



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