The Backbrief: A Tool For Better Listening

Listening can feel harder to do than ever. That seems even more true in a world where many of us are still ‘socially-distanced’ and dealing with online-only ‘remote teams.’ Now more than ever we can use a tool for better listening that will cut through all the noise. There’s always going to be outside distractions. … Read more

Making the Judgment Call

  “If Passion drives, then let Reason hold the reins.” — Benjamin Franklin Hopefully, all of us have been able to serve with leaders at some point in our careers who demonstrated a tendency toward sound judgment –  “interpretation of the evidence that points to the right choice.” [1]  When confronted with difficult circumstances, widely … Read more

The Backbrief: A Tool For Better Listening

Listening can feel harder to do than ever. There’s always going to be outside distractions. Emails, texts, meetings, presentations, it can seem to go on and on. It can be easy to get lost in a sea of noise. How do we become better listeners? One tool to do so is called the backbrief. The … Read more

Taking Ownership Of Your Time

How are you doing in the time management department? I often hear from organizations that I’m coaching that they “just don’t have good time management.” This might sound like a common problem. However, these teams are operating under something of a misconception. The truth is, there really is no such thing as time management, which … Read more

The Impact of the First Impression: Information Age Leadership, Part 12

Have you ever gone into an organization where that first impression was not very powerful? How did it affect you? I think you’ll remember that it wasn’t a good feeling; and for many people on our teams, they start out in an organization with less than a wonderful first impression, and then we as leaders … Read more

The Power of Transparency: Information Age Leadership, Part 11

In today’s information age, there’s very little place to ‘hide,’ whether we want to or not. The era of ivory towers and back-room conversations is over. The element of confidentiality is getting more and more difficult to maintain. As such, it’s important to ensure our leadership behaviors are first-rate. We have to face the fact that … Read more