Information Age Leadership, Part 1

This video blog is Part One in a series on “Information Age Leadership.”

Leaders looking to grow their organizations to a world-class level often ask me,

“What’s changed that make the dynamics so challenging today?”

The short answer? The Information Age is now dominant in our lives.

Information Age LeadershipNow that getting and sharing information is as easy as pressing a button in the palm of our hand, we fall into the trap of thinking that this is the best way to communicate as leaders to our team… but it’s not!

Watch this video and learn how to use deliberate leadership tools to communicate effectively in the Information Age and enable The Big Six® to come to life. Over the next few weeks I’ll share what these tools look like and how to use these tools to set the azimuth for your team, listen actively, empower others, create mutual trust, take charge, and achieve balance.

Take two minutes to watch by clicking on the image below: