Setting the Azimuth: Information Age Leadership, Part 2

In this entry in my ongoing series of video blogs “Leadership in the Information Age,” I discuss what “Setting the Azimuth” looks like for leaders in today’s world.

In the Information Age, having a strong intent is more powerful than ever. Leaders must constantly be reiterating the mission and driving the intent in order to effectively communicate the organization’s values to their team.

In order to set your azimuth, you’ll have to answer, “Who are we, and why do we do it?” and not be afraid to routinely revisit your intent so that your mission has clarity.

Setting the AzimuthThe azimuth defines our mission, intent, values, and culture. This is why “Setting the Azimuth” is the first of The Big Six® and the essential launch point in Information Age Leadership that I’ll be exploring in this video.

Take two minutes to watch by clicking on the image below.