Listening: Information Age Leadership, Part 3

In this entry in my ongoing series of video blogs “Leadership in the Information Age,” I discuss what “Listening” looks like for the Information Age.

Listening in Information Age LeadershipFor leaders in the Information Age, it is tempting to send out mass texts or emails and assume that we are communicating well with our team.

But this is not effective.

Using active listening and deliberate confirmation ensures that you and your team are really hearing what’s being said by all.

It involves using tools like the backbrief technique, and asking questions such as, “tell me what you think you heard?” and “could you please summarize the conversation we just had?” in order to establish clarity with those you work with on a daily basis.

As a leader, active listening has many dimensions and means listening to individuals, groups, teams, and the organization as a whole. Listening well helps you assess the health of your organization, but it requires some art.

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