What is Values-Based Leadership?

Values-based leadership is a commitment to doing the right thing by making decisions and choices based on values. 1. Leaders “walk the talk” with… Integrity Personal Will Mentoring Balanced Perspective Humility Self-Reflection Servant Leadership 2. Teams reflect the example of the leadership. 3. Values are in the DNA of the organization. Values-based leadership can only … Read more

Taking Charge of Risk

In the US Army, we learned to rely upon a simple 5-Step Risk Assessment process that effectively identified and mitigated strategic, operational, and tactical risk. The process was incorporated into any planning process, from developing a live-fire training exercise, to deploying a force to the Balkans or the Middle East, to planning an attack to defeat an enemy. In the corporate world, we employ the same process every time we conduct strategic planning, open up a new branch of the company, acquire a new business, roll out a new product, stand up a new manufacturing center, open up a new delivery route, or take on a new customer. The process covers lots of ground. How does it work?

Killing Time Bandits

We can’t count the number of times a CEO has told us, “I’d implement a leadership development program and deliberate strategic planning system to provide focus, but I don’t have time…I’m too busy with daily crisis.”

But the truth is you can’t afford NOT to develop these foundational building blocks of a high performing culture. If you can’t figure out how to do it, your competition certainly will. In our world where business is all about change, culture trumps everything else. So what’s the answer?

Doing Right

I don’t know any other way to lead but by example. -Don Shula There a few clearer statements of why Level Five leaders do the right things when no one is looking than Coach Don Shula’s statement above; yet, too many don’t lead that way. One does not need to dig too deep to find examples … Read more