Setting the Azimuth for Your Company or Organization

What thought have you put into setting the azimuth for your company or organization? In this Two-Minute Leadership video blog, I’ll discuss the Leadership Principle of the Azimuth. Before you can properly set your azimuth, however, understanding what an azimuth means in a leadership context is necessary. Your company’s azimuth is its true north, the … Read more

Podcast Episode 2: Set Your Azimuth

Where is your azimuth? Have you set one for your company or organization? In Episode 2 of Robert’s leadership podcast, he dives into the importance of defining your azimuth. After all, an effective leader must define the direction for his or her organization.

Setting the Azimuth: Information Age Leadership, Part 2

In this entry in my ongoing series of video blogs “Leadership in the Information Age,” I discuss what “Setting the Azimuth” looks like for leaders in today’s world. In the Information Age, having a strong intent is more powerful than ever. Leaders must constantly be reiterating the mission and driving the intent in order to … Read more

Setting the Azimuth

What direction is your team heading? Do you know? What is your organization’s Azimuth? Just what exactly is an Azimuth, anyway? An Azimuth is the cardinal direction of your organization that focuses on your mission, intent, values, and culture. Learn more in this video: This is part of my series of Two-Minute Leadership video blogs. … Read more

Set the Azimuth

Set the Azimuth An azimuth is defined as an angular measurement between an observer and a point of interest. It’s a concept used in navigation, astronomy, engineering, mapping, mining, and artillery. In business, it can be seen as the measurement between where you are today and where you want to be tomorrow. An effective leader … Read more