The Backbrief: A Tool For Better Listening

Listening can feel harder to do than ever. There’s always going to be outside distractions. Emails, texts, meetings, presentations, it can seem to go on and on. It can be easy to get lost in a sea of noise. How do we become better listeners? One tool to do so is called the backbrief. The … Read more

The Decision Tree

There’s a reason why “micromanage” is often considered a dirty word. The idea that a single leader can handle every aspect of a task, down to the smallest detail, is truly a myth. Even if someone could handle it all themselves, it would result in the crowding out of other team members. Micromanagement will only create … Read more

The Three Perspectives of “You” – Leadership Journey of Discovery, Part 3

Consider your role and how others see you. In doing so, you will discover the three perspectives of “You”. You’ll find, too, that these three perspectives of “You” are directly involved in your ability to manage and lead. In the following video, I discuss these three Yous, and how each perspective may help, harm, and/or … Read more

Palm Tree or Fir Tree? What’s Your Decision Tree?

One of the hardest lessons I’ve learned as a leader is embodied in The Big Six® principle, “Trust and Empower.” It wasn’t that I didn’t want to empower others; yet, I always seemed to drift back into being more controlling. And, throughout my career, I had to continuously step back and try to see myself … Read more

Riding the Train or Laying the Track? Leading Corporate Change

Change is messy, hard, and difficult. According to the Harvard Business Review, 75% of corporate change initiatives fail. Business Week cites the fact that 88% of CEOs report change is their “biggest challenge.” In reality, though, business is change. Understanding change is half the battle. How do we begin with leading corporate change? In the … Read more