Benchmarking Your Culture: Leadership Journey of Discovery, Part 6

How do we know how we measure up? We need a point of reference. To benchmark is to compare yourself against the highest standards. How do we benchmark our organization’s culture to see how it is performing? I describe how in “Benchmarking Your Culture,” Part 6 of my video blog series, the Leadership Journey of … Read more

Your Most Important Meeting

I don’t think I’ve ever been involved with an organization where some, if not all, of the leaders felt the meetings they held or attended could be much more productive.  Most surveys indicate unnecessary and poorly conducted meetings are one of the biggest irritants in the workplace. Even worse, we typically don’t hold the most … Read more

The Thin Ice of Friendship: Leadership Journey of Discovery, Part 4

Moving up the ladder of an organization can sometimes feel like you’re leaving others behind, especially if you’ve grown to become friends with your team members. If you are now in a leadership position over former equals, how do you remain objective? How do you avoid moving too far out on the “thin ice of … Read more

Palm Tree or Fir Tree? What’s Your Decision Tree?

One of the hardest lessons I’ve learned as a leader is embodied in The Big Six® principle, “Trust and Empower.” It wasn’t that I didn’t want to empower others; yet, I always seemed to drift back into being more controlling. And, throughout my career, I had to continuously step back and try to see myself … Read more