Building High-Performing Teams: Information Age Leadership, Part 7

This entry in my ongoing series of video blogs “Leadership in the Information Age,” is called “Building High-Performing Teams.” Talent is not the sole factor in a high-performing team. Your best people – to be the best team – need guidance. Amplify the success of your team by taking the time to set clear goals … Read more

What is Values-Based Leadership?

Values-based leadership is a commitment to doing the right thing by making decisions and choices based on values. 1. Leaders “walk the talk” with… Integrity Personal Will Mentoring Balanced Perspective Humility Self-Reflection Servant Leadership 2. Teams reflect the example of the leadership. 3. Values are in the DNA of the organization. Values-based leadership can only … Read more

Whose Culture Is It, Anyway?

We’ve often said, and truly believe, that culture does indeed trump everything else. It’s where your mission, intent, and shared values come to life. Far from a contemporary buzzword, culture is enduring – and a culture of excellence is extremely hard to establish, nurture, and grow. But it sure is worth the investment.

Defining a Great Culture

What really motivates your teammates? The answer is complex, but the Level Five leader would say that an organization’s culture must include dignity and respect at or close to the top of the list. Read on to understand what this means and how you might recognize it in your organization.