Two Ways To Keep Momentum Going Towards Level 5

What are the most effective tools in your toolbox for establishing, nurturing, and leading your company culture to grow into a ‘Level 5’ culture? Here are two proven methods (in detail) that you can start using right away to maintain the momentum going towards that ultimate goal: 1) Develop an Integrated Process Team and Charter … Read more

Leaders Grow Leaders

Leaders grow leaders. They celebrate the successes of those they serve. This concept of servant leadership is at the heart of a Level 5 “All In” culture. Here’s what noted author Ken Blanchard says about the importance of servant leadership to the development of that world-class culture: When I mention servant leadership to many organizational … Read more

A Leader’s Successful Path to Excellence is Never Linear

Organizations and their leaders rarely take a linear path to excellence. Instead, the journey typically will have any number of curves, choke points, and dangerous intersections. As a leader, you must be adaptive to be successful, cutting new paths in order to bring the company back on course and aligned with the organization’s true mission … Read more

The Backbrief: A Tool For Better Listening

Listening can feel harder to do than ever. There’s always going to be outside distractions. Emails, texts, meetings, presentations, it can seem to go on and on. It can be easy to get lost in a sea of noise. How do we become better listeners? One tool to do so is called the backbrief. The … Read more

Develop Your Team for Growth: Leadership Journey of Discovery, Part 1

Each of us, day to day, engage in a discovery process.  In order to develop your team for growth, be aware of your discovery process as a leader of leaders and adapt to it. To start, examine your role in your organization. Are you the only leader, the only person who provides direction or the … Read more